First Time Home BuyerMarket UpdateSuccess Story April 28, 2022

Trudging Through The Muck

Trudging through the muck

Who do you trust?

With all of the news articles, water-cooler conversations (virtual and in real life), and information flying about the housing market, it can be overwhelming. Who do you trust?

  • Do you trust the person who has been “waiting for the market to crash” for the past 6 years?
  • Do you trust the media that is constantly putting out sensationalized headlines?
  • Do you trust your relatives that haven’t bought or sold real estate in the last 3 decades?

Or do you trust the real estate professional who is ACTIVE in this market, living and breathing it every day, and has years of experience?

This is a real e-mail I received yesterday afternoon from a client. I met with them for a Buyer Consultation a few months ago, and I knew that I was going to launch their official home search toward the end of April. I am selective in my emails and market updates that I send to my sphere, so they know that when they DO receive something, it is vetted and of importance.

Had I not sent that information, they may have decided not to take the next steps.

I’m here to be a resource for my clients, their trusted advisor, and their sounding board. I will never pressure anyone to enter the market if they don’t feel ready, but what I do know is that waiting is almost never the right play IF a buyer is truly ready to put down roots and has the means to be comfortable with the monthly payments and isn’t over-extending themselves.

I can’t tell you how many clients have said “man, am I glad I bought when I did!” because if they had “waited for the market to crash” they would still be renting and wouldn’t have acquired the equity and household wealth in a home that they’re proud to call theirs.

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