BuyerMarket Update December 13, 2022

Sunday Inspection Thoughts

Spent this morning at the inspection for my wonderful clients who are moving here from out-of-state and putting down roots in the PNW! I am so excited for them to be able to take advantage of favorable market conditions and have a new home and a new state for the new year.

If long-term home ownership is on your holiday wish list, please do *not* get caught up in the headlines and get stuck on interest rate numbers. There are many creative ways to make this market work for you. Get in touch with a real estate professional (it’s me, hi 🙋🏻‍♀️) who can talk you through your options and advise you on next steps.

Yes, sometimes it makes sense to wait. (And that’s okay!) But more often than not, there are ways to overcome hurdles that you may not even realize are options for you. I am solution-driven, crafty, and creative & I love guiding buyers on their wealth-building journeys!

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