First Time Home BuyerSnohomishSuccess Story August 20, 2021

First-Time Home Buyer Win in Snohomish, WA

#SOLD! 🎉 I’m beyond thrilled for these sweet buyers who just closed on their first home (AND with instant equity)!

Matt & Amy were referred to me shortly after they realized they could qualify for a home loan instead of having to renew their lease – but we were on a time crunch!

With a new baby coming, a lease ending, AND school starting (#teacherlife) all within a 3 day period, we had to find them a home quickly or they’d have to put the search on pause until Spring.

Knowing that home prices & interest rates will likely be higher in 6 months, we hit the ground running!

Over the next few weeks, we wrote 2 offers that were SO close to being picked, but ultimately were not “the one.” But the 3rd time was the charm when they found a home they loved even more, and they wrote an incredible offer. (Spoiler alert: we initially did not have the highest price!)

Because they wrote such a clean offer, and the listing agent was appreciative of my communication & the way the offer was presented, I had an opportunity to keep negotiating and win the home- and they came out on top! 🎉

One of the tactics we employed to create a strong offer entailed waiving the appraisal, so when the appraisal came back $25,000 ABOVE the sold price, it was a huge relief and created instant equity!

From the moment we hit mutual, it was smooth sailing, thanks in part to their lender @mortgagehusky whose team absolutely knocked it out of the park. We had a quick close and could’ve closed even sooner!

With the right experts guiding you, and a solid strategy in place, homeownership is absolutely possible- even in this tough market!

Enjoy your new home, Matt & Amy, and thank you for trusting me to serve your growing family! ✨